Separating from your spouse can be a stressful life altering experience. Our 26 years of legal expertise can help you through this. Whether you are seeking child custody and support, payment of debts and expenses, alimony or marital property, we can help you achieve these goals 

You will meet with an experienced attorney in person to discuss your marriage and what your goals are in dissolving it. We will determine a plan together to achieve these goals through litigation, discovery techniques such s interrogatories, request for production of documents, request for admissions and oral questioning through depositions of your spouse and witnesses


If your children's custodial parent is unfit to maintain custody, please call us immediately. You should take action to protect your children's health, safety and welfare. Please do not wait until the Department of Human Resources gets involved in your life as it is very difficult to remove them. 

Visitation Rights

If you cannot see your children according to the schedule set forth by the court, you can take action to enforce your visitation rights. If you or the other parent have moved or are contemplating a move, you have rights under the Alabama Parent Child Relationship Protection Act. Please call or write me to discuss your visitation case today. 

Child Support Modifications

If you are paying too much in child support due to a reduction in income or increase in your ex's income, please call my office to discuss your options for a child support modification under Rule 32, Alabama Rules of Judicial Procedure. You can have a modification of the amount you must pay each month if there is a ten percent (10%) difference from the amount previously ordered under the child support guidelines. There are several factors which can result in a deviation from the child support guidelines such as expenses for travel to visitation. 

Juvenile Cases

Juvenile cases fall under three main categories, dependency, delinquency and child in need of supervision. 

Dependency cases can be brought by any interested party such as a relative or the Department of Human Resources (DHR). A child is dependent if they have no parent able to care for them. 

Delinquency cases are charges brought by a juvenile probation officer usually by a referral from law enforcement or a school. The charges are usually what would be a criminal offense if committed by an adult. The child can ether admit or deny the charges. If denied, the judge will adjudicate the child as either delinquent or not delinquent after a hearing. No jury is involved in this determination. 

A child in need of supervision (CHINS) case is typically one which would not be a criminal charge if committed by an adult such as ungovernable behavior, truancy or runaway.